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Upcoming Contests

Dr. Lili’s team is always hosting a contest! Be sure to participate whenever you stop by and you could be a lucky winner! Our prices vary from gift cards, tickets, to consoles!

Valentine’s Beating Hearts:

Hearts, cards, and more hearts! Will you be able to tell how many hearts are being held in our box?

Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham:

In celebration of his birthday, our contest will have you guess how many green eggs will be displayed!

Easter Basket:

At Dr. Lili’s we enjoy treats and crafts! We’re happy to have you guess the hidden eggs among the basket full of treats for our winner.

Hurray for Parents:

In honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we will be hosting a raffle where you are simply entered by letting us know what makes your parents special to you.


It’s time to start a new school year and Dr. Lili wants to help you get a head start by providing our winner with a backpack filled with school supplies.

Most Referrals:

We are glad you have placed your orthodontic needs in our hands and happy to know our patients trust us to refer friends and family. This contest will reward those who have referred the most from each office.

Holiday Carols:

The season of carols is here and our contest will have you finishing the well-known jingles for a chance to win a surprise holiday gift.